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4 20 420 420 or 420 pronounced fourtwenty is a codeterm in cannabis culture that refers to the consumption of cannabis especially smoking cannabis around the time 420 pm or 1620 in 24hour notation and smoking cannabis in celebration on the date april 20 which is 420 in us form , the day to smoke weed april 20th or every day at 420, first there is no police code 420 there are no police codes referring to any particular drug marijuana included its time to bury this myth 420 was the designated time for a small group of smokers at san rafael high school in california to meet at a specific location and light up the number originates some time around 1971 it has since been adopted by smokers the world over as the

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during fall 1971 at 420 pm just after classes and football practice the group would meet up at the schools statue of chemist louis pasteur smoke a joint and head out to search for the weed , rubber well nuts brass insert expansion nut sae inch sizes 1420 x 1051 02500457 grip 0500 inch hole qty 25, theres something in the air today maybe youve noticed

both marijuana smokers and nonsmokers recognize april 20 or 420 as a national holiday for cannabis culture but few actually know how the date got chosen some say 420 is code among police , 420 may refer to april 20 events that happened on the 20th day of the 4th month in the gregorian calendar 420 cannabis culture codeterm that refers to the consumption of cannabis april 20 2012 was the birth of super model isabella drenk of the drenkgirls, best and impossible to not laugh d dank memes category people blogs suggested by create music group inc fukkit pennyroyal

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