Alabama Abortion Law Vote Count

alabama abortion law vote count an amendment to alabamas controversial antiabortion law to allow for exceptions for victims of rape and incest failed tuesday night the vote came after more than three hours of debate in the , alabama abortion ban republican state senate passes most restrictive law in us law bans abortion except if there is a serious health risk to the mother with no exceptions for rape and incest, if signed into law it would be the most stringent abortion restriction in the country prochoice supporters protest in front of the alabama state house as alabama state senate votes on the , the alabama governor signed the bill into law wednesday afternoon but the last word will probably come from the federal courts lawmakers vote to effectively ban abortion in alabama may 14

Update Hubbard State Lawyers Lay Out Opening Statements

the laws house sponsor rep terri collins said the current language shouldnt be alabamas final abortion law and she would support the addition of rape and incest exemptions in the law once it had been considered by the supreme court which the senate approved in a partyline vote of 25 to 6, alabama legislators have given final approval to a ban on nearly all abortions and if the republican governor signs the measure the state will have the strictest abortion law in the country

the alabama state senate passed a neartotal abortion ban in a 25 to 6 vote on tuesday night the legislation provides no exceptions for rape or incest the bill is the most restrictive anti , the alabama vote comes just more than a week after georgia passed its own fetal heartbeat bill which is now one of the most restrictive antiabortion laws in the nation, late tuesday the alabama state senate passed what would be the nations strictest abortion laws should it be signed by republican gov kay ivey house bill 314 passed the senate by a 256 vote and it does not include exceptions for rape or incest, the alabama senate voted tuesday night 25to6 to enact the strictest abortion law in the country one that would essentially ban the procedure altogether in the state house bill 314 makes it a