Alabama Inmate Executed After Scotus Denies Access To Imam

alabama inmate executed after scotus denies access to imam the supreme court had decided to let alabama state execute a muslim prisoner after his lawyers lodged a petition to allow an imam in the death chamber dominique ray 42 was executed by lethal injection on thursday after being convicted over the 1995 rape and murder of 15yearold tiffany harville, alabama executes muslim after justices rule he doesnt need imam by his side domineque ray said the state was violating his constitutional rights by only offering a christian chaplain the high , the us state of alabama has executed a muslim inmate after the supreme court dismissed his appeal for an imam to be present with him at death convicted murderer dominique ray was killed by lethal , dominique ray a muslim inmate in alabama was executed on thursday after the us supreme court voted 54 to lift a stay of execution in place over his request to have an imam present in the room with him at the time of death

Ala To Execute Man For 94 Killing Of Fast Food Workers

on thursday the supreme court denied muslim man domineque rays request to have an imam present during lethal injection he was put to death by the state of alabama shortly thereafter, attorneys for domineque ray 42 had argued that alabamas execution policy favored christian inmates because a chaplain is allowed in the room often kneeling next to the death row prisoner and praying with the inmate if requested rays imam yusef maisonet watched the execution from an

a muslim man was executed in alabama on thursday as originally scheduled after the us supreme court voted 54 to allow the execution denying his request for an imam to witness the death, domineque ray has filed a stay of execution after alabama prison officials denied him access to a muslim imam in the execution chamber lawyers say, a muslim man was executed last thursday in alabama after the supreme court denied his request to have an imam by his side in the execution chamber the supreme court voted 54 along partisan lines , alabama death row inmate domineque ray was executed just hours after the supreme court ruled it could go ahead without his muslim spiritual adviser present local media reported on friday