Andy Johnston Chased By A Shark In The Waters Of Esperance

andy johnston chased by a shark in the waters of esperance

Andy Johnston Chased By A SHARK In The Waters Of Esperance

andy johnston was enjoying a fine day of surfing the turquoise waters at west beach near esperance southeast of perth in australia on september 21st when he heard spectators frantically honking their horns they had spotted a 9 foot black silhouette cruising the waters at 11 am and everyone knew it was a shark

andy johnston being chased out of the water by a 3meter great white shark at west beach near esperance in western australia ignoring the warnings from several people on the beach johnston decided to stay in the water and enjoy the merits of an empty lineup, now that was a close encounter on sept 21 surfer andy johnston was catching some waves in the waters off esperance in western australia when a curious shark swam right up near him instead of freaking out johnston decided to remain calm id rather try to hold my ground against it and not , andy johnston 38 was riding the waves with pals near perth on sept 21 when the 9footlong beast started following him the esperance express reported onlookers spotted the sharptoothed critter below the oceans surface just 6 feet from johnston so they began shouting and honking horns