Appendix Handgun Carry Life

appendix handgun carry life

Debunking The Myths Of Appendix Carry Guns Amp Ammo

with hip carry you have a protrusion sticking out from your body with appendix carry your body makes that a nonissue you wont bonk your gun when passing by a close person or object if your waist is smaller than your chest your shirt will also hang over the gun and cover it well, heres a brief look at my ccw history qvo tactical holsters httpswwwqvotacticalcom use code talonsentme for a discount on your holster order faceboo, another advantage to appendix carry is better handgun retention in the traditional iwb position your gun is either beside or behind you and thus more vulnerable to a gun grab, proper trigger control is paramount if you wish to carry a firearm safely whether appendix strong side ankle or small of the back if you cant keep your finger off the trigger when youre not supposed to fire you shouldnt be carrying a firearm anywhere on your body or at all really

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