Background Check California Ammo

background check california ammo the california example the history of such types of legislation is messy california passed proposition 63 in 2016 one of the provisions prohibited most california residents from purchasing ammunition outside the state and bringing it into the state without first having it delivered to a licensed dealer, buying ammo in california in 2019 at lax ammo oc we hear a lot of questions from our customers about the new ammo laws in california so we put together a faq piece to cover most of the questions you may have regarding californias current and future ammunition laws, california residents a guide to purchasing ammunition online this section was created for our california customers to clarify a few details and help better define the process of purchasing ammunition online so you know what to expect when you purchase ammo from us, guns not so much however jan 2019 requires a license and a background check to purchase ammo all mail order to your home was banned in jan 2018

California Lawmakers Reject Background Checks For Ammo Buyers

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ammo regulation general ammo sales commencing january 1 st 2018 if you sell 500 rounds or more of ammo during any given month you will be required to obtain a business license issued by the stateyou will be limited to sell ammo at specified business locations and gun shows department of justice doj will give an ammo vendor license if you show your eligibility certificate that will get , it has come to our attention that there is a lot of confusion and there are many misconceptions out there regarding prop 63 ammunition sales in california and particularly with lax ammo and our retail stores lax would like to help our customers understand the new laws a little better, california residents would have to register with the state get fingerprinted undergo a background check and pay a state fee to buy a box of bullets if a bill in the state legislature becomes law senate bill sb 53 which already has passed the senate would direct the state attorney general the head of the , san diego kgtv its a new twist on black friday shopping customers are flocking to buy ammunition before a new california gun law goes into effect its called the 1 million round month

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