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banjo kazooie smash banjo and kazooie are the fourth and fifth foreigncreated characters to be playable in smash bros following diddy kong dark samus and king k rool having been created by british developer rare ltd they are also to first to belong to a completely foreign franchise, banjokazooie will be available in super smash bros ultimate in fall 2019 the news was particularly notable given banjo and kazooie are characters belonging to rare which is owned by microsoft, the characters from rares classic platforming series banjokazooie are coming to super smash bros ultimate later this year nintendo announced during its e3 2019 direct on tuesday , banjo and kazooie are back on a nintendo console as the now microsoftowned bird and bear have been confirmed as the third dlc character fighter pack for super smash bros ultimate planned for a

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everyones favorite platforming bear and breegull are looking for a coming as dlc to the the smash bros ultimate fighter pass, amazing game on the nintendo 64 its one of my fave games on that system i was hoping and i am still hoping for banjo and kazooie to join smash but we will see it was fun making this video

banjo and kazooie were revealed as the latest fighters headed to super smash bros ultimate rumors of microsoft and nintendo teaming to bring the pair to super smash bros have been swirling for , fans of the 1998s banjokazooie and its sequel banjotooie have been demanding for the duo to appear in the super smash bros series for years but the xbox exclusivity seemed to keep the , yes our furry platforming pals banjo and kazooie are joining nintendos 70plus character roster for super smash bros ultimate, one of the mostrequested characters in the super smash bros series has been banjokazooie despite the series debuting on nintendo 64 the fact that microsoft now owns developer rare made it feel less likely however the nintendo direct at e3 finally gave fans what they have been wanting banjo

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