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banjo kazooie switch the hype surrounding banjokazooie is through the metaphorical roof at the moment all thanks to the duos reveal as a new upcoming fighter in super smash bros ultimate heck were pretty sure , the classic franchise that started off on the n64 banjo kazooie recently had its license renewed by nintendo of america now while this could just be a minor change with the company simply , banjokazooie for switch appears on amazon germany a listing for a new banjokazooie game on the nintendo switch appeared on amazing germany earlier today, banjo kazooie nintendo switch news release date rumours rare and microsoft updates pic nintendo pic ds banjokazooie not developed by rare in an interview with okay cool composer of the banjokazooie series grant kirkhope explained that its likely a new studio would be behind any potential followup to the series

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for those that dont know banjokazooie is a 3d platformer originally made by rare and released on nintendo 64 all the way back in the 1998 the series was initially conceived as an adventure , witch switches also called grunty switches are switch objects found in every world in banjokazooie when pressed either a jiggy will appear somewhere in gruntildas lair or something else will change that allows access to one

we know we wish microsoft didnt own banjokazooie either but thats what happens when you buy rare and if the rumours are true even bigger publishers and studios but that doesnt mean we can , while a banjokazooie remaster on the switch might have similar fortunes theres no telling where the series could go in the aftermath of banjo and kazooie coming to super smash bros, however that may not be all the banjokazooie franchise has in store for switch owners as amazon germany has posted a listing for a product called banjokazooie working title for nintendos , switches are objects found in banjokazooie banjotooie and banjokazooie gruntys revenge there are various switches used for different purposes types of switches slam the standard kind of switch found in banjokazooie and banjokazooie gruntys revenge

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