Banning The Box To Help Ex Convicts Find Jobs Youtube

banning the box to help ex convicts find jobs youtube after a successful campaign in the city of memphis lifeline to success is requesting that shelby county pass a similar ordinance that ends the discrimination against people that have felony , theres a growing movement to ban the box on jobapplication forms that asks about criminal convictions banning the box to help exconvicts find jobs rehabilitated excons , group helping exoffenders find employment he once had trouble of his own getting a good paying job myers found a way to help himself after meeting workers with hamilton countys office of re

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but ban the box a popular policy aimed at helping exoffenders find jobs doesnt help many exoffenders and actually decreases employment for black and hispanic men who dont

legislation has now passed in nearly 50 cities and ten states across the us dubbed ban the box it prevents employers from asking job applicants up front about a criminal history, californias ban the box law to help exfelons find jobs after release a law starting jan 1 prohibits many employers from screening applicants for their criminal past but still allows , banning the box to give exconvicts a better chance at finding a job banning the box to give exconvicts a better chance at finding a job