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california felony records californians have the right under the state public records act and the california constitution to access public information maintained by local and state government agencies including the department of justice the following are guidelines for accessing public pdf records maintained by the california department of justice to obtain records of another agency please contact the agency directly, this report can be accessed through a number of courts police departments and the official california state records online database the amount of criminal records information presented on will vary from individual to individual as well as what resources were used to collect the information, california felony records review all prices without waiting run a full updated background check online, this can be done without requiring a reason for accessing such information or providing personal information unless the requested record is confidential by law or court decision criminal records court records vital records and state background checks are all present on california state records this includes over 350 million transparent

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the information on your criminal record information can be obtained from a variety of sources like california state dept of justice criminal record review unit they will have your criminal record information for the entire state of california make sure you follow the directions for requesting your criminal record carefully, access to criminal history summary records maintained by the doj is restricted by law to legitimate law enforcement purposes and authorized applicant agencies however individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from the department to review for accuracy and completeness requests from third parties are not authorized and will not be processed

california is the third largest state in the country with the largest population a california public records directory shows which agencies provide specific data criminal history reports may be obtained from the california department of justice navigate through california courts state and local departments and request records directly, california felony records run background check and get information in seconds search and check contact information court cases adoption records marriage divorce and more get 100 guaranteed history of any records, california felony records we offer quick background check service our service provides civil criminal education employment and other information, california felony records if you need high quality background check then visit our site and you will get various types of reports in a few minutes

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