Case Sensitive Search

case sensitive search

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i work on search at google and i can confirm seths answer google search is not case sensitive whether words are in quotes or not to give a little background as to why you can find good reasons based on both efficiency and user experience , to perform a case sensitive match you can use the exact function together with match in an array formula in the example show the formula in e8 is

to solve this problem and help you conduct case sensitive searches on google someone has created a google appengine powered search engine at case sensitive search it scans through google search results and filters out results that match the case of your search query, most sql server installations are installed with the default collation which is case insensitive because of this it is difficult to determine the differences of a value in upper case vs lower case by using collate clause we can force a different coll, in text search a text search operation could be casesensitive or caseinsensitive depending on the system application or context the user can in many cases specify whether a search is sensitive to case eg in most text editors word processors and web browsers

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