Cbs 60 Minutes Has First National Interview With President

cbs 60 minutes has first national interview with president cbs scores first national interview with president elect trump tonight at 7 pm for the first time the citizens of the united states will hear from president elect donald trump on some of the , andrew mccabe the full 60 minutes interview former acting fbi director andrew mccabe tells 60 minutes about taking over for james comey starting investigations of president trump interactions , lesley stahl speaks with president trump about a wide range of topics in his first 60 minutes interview since taking office the white house cbs news are the first president of the united , 60 minutes to broadcast first tv interview with presidentelect trump november 10 2016 at 1258 pm new york ap 60 minutes has landed the first extensive interview with presidentelect donald trump cbs announced on thursday that lesley stahl will interview trump on friday at his home in new york city about his election

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the program has won more emmy awards than any other primetime broadcast including a special lifetime achievement emmy it has also won virtually every other broadcast journalism award plus 15 peabody awards for excellence in television broadcasting 60 minutes was created in 1968 by don hewitt and premiered on cbs september 24th of that year, the killian documents controversy also referred to as memogate or rathergate involved six purported documents critical of us president george w bushs service in the texas air national guard in 197273 four of these documents were presented as authentic in a 60 minutes ii broadcast aired by cbs on september 8 2004 less than two months before the 2004 presidential election but it was

in an interview on cbs 60 minutes president donald trump addressed a wide range of topics from his comments about christine blasey ford who accused supreme court nominee of past sexual , in the 60 minutes interview mccabe recalled meeting with trump after the president had just fired comey i was speaking to the man who had just run for the presidency mccabe said, is the us taking a backseat to russia in syria steve kroft asks president obama in an interview for 60 minutes, the interview will be broadcast on 60 minutes sunday january 6 at 700 pm etpt on cbs they wrote in a post headlined the interview egypts government doesnt want on tv

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