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dekalb county property records real estate data search parcel id 12 123 12 123 or 1212312123 partial parcel id 12 123 or 12123 address partial street name owner name insert either a parcel id or partial parcel id address eg 123 main or partial street name eg main or owner name eg lastnamefirstname or partial owner name , only one item needed for search personal property 1234567 address address 123 main no st dr rdetc partial parcel id real estate 12 123 partial street name partial owner name to perform a search on property information within dekalb county , welcome mission statement the property appraisal assessment department is responsible for the annual valuation of all taxable real and personal property in dekalb county and producing a timely equitable and acceptable tax digest for dekalb county that meets all state statutes and legal requirements of the georgia department of revenue

DeKalb County Property Tax Records DeKalb County

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property records in dekalb county at your fingertips search by property address in dekalb county and unlock key property data search by property address in dekalb county and unlock key property data address or street city state or zip or nyc borough property data all in one place your research will be easier since we aggregated public , welcome to dekalb county governments custom webbased application that provides the ability to view property tax assessment zoning voting and map data the information is updated as soon as possible after changes are made to county data and is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, thank you for visiting the dekalb county land records search registering for an account is free and is required to use certain features on the site property watch please click here to register for a free account or sign in below please login to access the rest of the site