Department Of Defense Emp Test

department of defense emp test

Will Department Of Defense Communications Drill Shut Down

the video warns that the department of defense will be using an electromagnetic pulse to shutdown the power grid november 4 6 and that everyone needs to prepare now, recommended the department of defense dod department of homeland security dhs and department of energy doe still largely staffed by obamaholdovers did not ask congress to continue the emp commission the secretaries of dod and doe ignored repeated requests to meet with the emp commission, the department of defense must continue to pursue the strategy for strategic systems to ensure that weapons delivery systems of the new triad land sea and air are emp survivable and that there , understanding department of defense dod system effects or is classified and thus difficult to share with industry the joint strategy identified five strategic goals 1 improve and share understanding of emp threat effects and impacts 2 identify priority infrastructure 3 test and promote mitigation and protection approaches 4

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