Dinesh Dsouza On Twitter To Those Triumphant Leftists


dinesh dsouza on twitter to those triumphant leftists

Christian Activist And Adulterous Felon Dinesh DSouza

newsmax the lefts ignorance of real fascism is dangerous in the big lie dsouza reveals that the charges made against conservatives and members of the republican party apply to radical leftists these selfstyled leftist opponents of hate are the actual practitioners of the politics of hate, dinesh joseph dsouza d ɪ ˈ n ɛ ʃ d ə ˈ s uː z ə born april 25 1961 is an indianborn american conservative political commentator author filmmaker and conspiracy theorist often described as a far right provocateur by media sources

dinesh dsouza slams the leftists discussion in facebook twitter page 1 of 27 1 kind of like how those two black ladies diamond and silk are playing goofy white trump voters and fox viewers with their silly ass opinions and making lots of dough because even though they spew the same right garbage as other bigots they get more , lincoln united his party and saved america from the democrats for the first time can trumpand wecome together and save america for the second time death, in his latest young americas foundation dsouza unchained lecture dinesh dsouza headed to brandeis university just outside boston to address students and give them a taste of a worldview they arent used to hearing in class in a talk centered around personal responsibility limited government and individual liberty dsouza touched on the state of conservatism and leftism in , for decades american leftists have hidden their close ties to fascism dinesh dsouzas prageru video reveals those ties his book lays them wide open knowing that it was unlikely ever to show up at my local library i treated myself to a new book this weekend dinesh dsouzas the big lie exposing the nazi roots of the american left