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does a misdemeanor stay on your record employment and misdemeanors whether or not an employer will hire someone with a misdemeanor on their record is completely up to the employer however if you have a misdemeanor for underage drinking thats seven years old its more likely your employer will be sympathetic if you have a dui misdemeanor thats more recent on the other hand, unfortunately a misdemeanor stays on your record forever misdemeanor is not treated like a minor traffic offense or a speeding ticket which disappears after you have paid the fines there are many people who are suffering because of having a misdemeanor on their records, the crime itself is not the only deciding factor in your ability to remove a misdemeanor from your records the misdemeanor must not have required you to serve any prison time in many states even misdemeanors can be punished by prison time however if you were sentenced to a short prison sentence

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how long does a dui stay on your record in mo drivers convicted of a first time dui in missouri can expunge that dui after it has been on their records for at least 10 years the new dui laws in mo that take effect on jan 1 2017 are written to include intoxication related boating offenses as also eligible for expungement, mark gerald spencer a criminal conviction for a misdemeanor or felony will generally remain on your record forever unless you take affirmative steps to have the record cleared if you have complied with all the terms and conditions of probation and the probationary period is complete i recommend that you file a petition to have

when you get a misdemeanor expunged for all intents and purposes it is removed from your record this means that if somebody performs a background check they wont see your charges the courts basically treat you as if you had never committed a crime in the first place, additionally if you do have a misdemeanor and are currently attempting to expunge your record you may be able to explain your situation to the employer during an interview either way if you have a conviction that is going to appear on a background check be prepared to explain yourself to help clarify your criminal record, missouri misdemeanor crimes by class and sentences a conviction for a misdemeanor crime in missouri can become part of your permanent criminal record if you are convicted later of another crime the court can consider your prior conviction and impose a harsher sentence in the new case a conviction for even a minor crime can hurt you when

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