Does Japan Have Access To Us Criminal Records

does japan have access to us criminal records japan restricts entry to many convicted people april 11 2016 robert hauberg japan has perhaps the strictest convictionrelated bars to entry of any country extending broadly to many felonies and even some misdemeanors and without regard to length of stay or purpose, no persons who have a history of arrest are ineligible for visa free travel you will be required to apply for a visa to determine if you are eligible to travel to the united states with your visa application you will be required to submit all relevant court records together with a detailed english translation, i am not encouraging dishonesty but if your brother just answers no to have you ever been found guilty question on the entry form and acts normal he shouldnt have a problem getting into japan one of my inlaws in tokyo is an immigration lawyer and he says that japan immigration has no access to other countries minor criminal records

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one of the requirements that most all countries have for issuing a work permit is that the applicant does not have a criminal record on the other hand i suppose nations do not open the criminal records of their citizens to other countries in the interest of national sovereignty and security, if you have a criminal record and wish to enter the united states the department of homeland security recommends that you apply for a visa before you travel to prevent any problems at the border if youd like to learn more about criminal records or search some of the databases that were mentioned within this article then follow the links below

i know this topic has been discussed many times here just wanted to ask for the feedback of some experienced members first let me say that i have read the immigration law for japan and have spoken with japanese consulates in the united states regarding this matter, how on earth would japanese immigration have access to us criminal records concerning a petty offense nonfelony like this furthermore there is probably no linkage between a us passport number and criminal records only 2025 of americans have passports, japan and the united states agreed friday to conclude a pact that will let them instantly access each others fingerprint databases to identify people susp dates of birth and criminal records