Drumgasm Soundgarden Wild Flag And Death Grips Drummers

drumgasm soundgarden wild flag and death grips drummers

Janet Weiss Sleater Kinney Wild Flag Matt Cameron

this record is a document of what happens when matt cameron janet weiss and zach hill three of the most remarkable drummers of late period rock roll whos collective roll call of bands pearl jam sleaterkinney hella quasi soundgardenwild flag death grips boredoms have had a heavy impact on all levels of rock roll from full , yes you read that title correctly death grips man zach hill pictured above wild flagsleater kinneys janet weiss and matt cameron of pearl jam and soundgarden have joined forces to form an alldrums supergroup of sorts called drumgasm, vinyl includes full mp3 download drumgasm is matt cameron pearl jam soundgarden zach hill hella death grips and janet weiss quasi wild flag sleaterkinney alright whos left you are not 90 you are the music freaks the true heads and of coursethe drummers because this rec