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expunging criminal records how to expunge your criminal records your criminal record can make it more difficult to get a job or rent an apartment employers and landlords may inquire about your criminal history but if you expunge your criminal records you can, a criminal record can create difficult downstream consequences whether the record is for having been arrested or convicted or both for example employers and landlords commonly ask job applicants and rental applicants whether they have ever been convicted of or perhaps even arrested for a criminal offense employers might not hireand landlords might not rent topeople who answer , ar arkansas record expungement if all conditions met most misdemeanor convictions can be expunged there is a fiveyear waiting period for certain crimes such as battery indecent exposure domestic battery and others you are entitled to only one expungement to have your records sealed ca california record expungement, many states allow you to expunge seal or otherwise hide or destroy your criminal record generally if a criminal record is expunged or sealed its as though the crime never occurred and you can legally say to a potential employer for example that you were never charged or convicted of a crime state laws vary tremendously as to which conviction and arrest records can be expunged

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sealing and destroying arrest records per sb 383 is a totally different process from expunging records of criminal convictions under pc 12034 someone is entitled to have a california arrest record sealed and destroyed if the person was arrested but the prosecutor never filed criminal charges or, an expunged record is removed from record systems or files and destroyed also called expunction the law currently provides several means to seal or expunge certain categories of florida criminal history records both adult and juvenile the florida department of law enforcement has updated and streamlined the work flow processes within our

expungement and criminal records state resources below youll find statespecific information on arrest andor criminal records and expungement where available online from sources such as state judiciaries attorneys general and state police agencies, missouri expungement and record sealing if a criminal record in missouri is holding you back you may be able to expunge it expunging your missouri record will hide it from public view having a missouri criminal record can hinder your opportunities in life it can make it difficult to obtain a job or license buy a house rent an apartment , important notice this guide is intended as an information tool to assist you with cleaning up your criminal record we do not guarantee any results for a particular case and the information in this guide is not intended as legal advice if the public defenders office represented you in your criminal case it may be able to assist you, for specific cases in georgia you could have the ability to expunge your criminal records from people outside of the judicial branch of government this basically means certain criminal history records can be restricted for noncriminal justice purposes such as applying for jobs or getting

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