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fbi expungement of criminal records expungement is a courtordered process in which the record of an arrest or a conviction is erased in the eyes of the law after a criminal record is expunged an exconvict does not need to disclose his past offense when filling out an application for a job or apartment nor will it appear if a potential employer or , arrest disposition submission an identity history summaryoften referred to as a criminal history recordincludes an individuals identifiers descriptive information and fingerprints arrests and subsequent dispositions all information on an identity history summary is obtained from fingerprint submissions disposition submissions, vault home expungement of federal bureau of investigation records from investigative case files policy directive 1014d, the fbis central repository for criminal records is the criminal justice information services division the cjis receives dispositions from all criminal justice agencies in the us including state criminal history repository from local arresting agencies sheriffs municipal police departments state police and correctional facilities courts and federal agencies such the dea and atf

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expungement is the process of sealing or destroying court records meaning that the record is no longer available to be accessed and a person no longer needs to reveal the details surrounding the incident to which the record pertains, for a fee the fbi can provide individuals with an identity history summaryoften referred to as a criminal history record or a rap sheetlisting certain information taken from

an expungement is a deletion of a single arrest or an entire arrest record each state employs unique forms for submitting expungement information to the fbis criminal justice information services division, unfortunately when a criminal record is expunged it doesnt just magically disappear like it should copies of that record are still in numerous private and public databases when ais or any background checking company request information they receive it from a variety of sources, the expungement order shall direct that there be expunged from all official records except the nonpublic records referred to in subsection b all references to his arrest for the offense the institution of criminal proceedings against him and the results thereof, re is the fbi allowed to report sealed or expunged state criminal records if the law of the state that sealed your conviction allows you to answer no when applying for jobs in that state you could rely on that law but apart from that lying on an application in the hope that it will not be caught is asking for trouble the fbi history summary is not the only thing employers check

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