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federal criminal records search

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you can search our criminal records database by using a first name last name and choosing a state other searches available in the members area include birth records death records marriage records divorce records court records driving records vehicle records people search background checks and phone number lookups , criminal records defined a criminal recordor rap sheetis a record of a persons criminal history often the criminal record includes a compilation of local state and federal criminal information aside from criminal history information the record also includes the persons name and known aliases date of birth address photograph

their search results specializes in criminal civil records criminal dockets correctional files and public civil criminal files results include full name old and new addresses old and new phone numbers public phone records email address and public civil records, a criminal record is made publicly accessible so as to obtain the background information by entering the minimal information like the name date of birth and address details you can hunt down the criminal history of the person a few important helpful tips while running a federal criminal court records search , pacer gives you access to search for both the federal criminal charges and the state criminal records to search for the federal records you can register at the pacer website pacer stands for public access to court electronic records from the homepage click on the register bottom and fill the form that will be displayed on the screen, a federal criminal search is conducted by ordering individual us district court indices in much the same way as a county criminal history you can specify which district you want to search and we retrieve records from that district alternatively our auto development process can instantly recommend the federal jurisdictions

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