Federal Inmate Search By Name


federal inmate search by name

How To Use The Federal Inmate Locator 7 Steps With Pictures

federal prison inmate search state inmates have been convicted of state crimes and will serve their time in state correctional facility you can locate those inmates by clicking on a state name on the left side of the page county or city jails typically hold inmates convicted of more minor offenses and generally serve less time than federal or state inmates, referred to as the bop the federal bureau of prisons offers an inmate locater to help make locating someone easier the information includes inmates held from 1982 until the present the bop locater is easy to find on the web and while each state may vary in the regulations of how to contact prisoners the federal prison system is closely uniform in its requirements, south carolina department of corrections if known enter inmates scdc number or hisher state identification sid into the appropriate box and click submit if scdc number and sid are unknown enter the name of the inmate for whom you are searching if you are unsure of an inmates first name

what is an inmate search an inmate search also called an inmate locator or inmate lookup is a searchable online database that can help you find a person in jail to find an incarcerated individual you only need a small amount of information youll need a full name last known state or location instant checkmates inmate search can help you learn if someone is in jail with a background report available with an instant checkmate membership you can find someone even if theyve been , the federal bureau of prison bop manages all inmate records for people incarcerated in federal prisons throughout the united states anyone who violates federal law and is sent to prison has a criminal record that is a collaboration of everything that has happened to them since they were arrested, for federal inmate public records court records and arrest records please use the above search fields only a first and last name surname are required along with the last known state or birth state andor simply select all states the search function will trawl local state andor federal correction agencies

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