Fortnite Patch Notes 82

fortnite patch notes 82 reduced the chance of receiving a legendary quality assault rifle from 182 to 113 added the ability to access the patch notes website from the news screen visual improvements made to squadmate names and indicators head over to our fortnite , large rock in the tropical rock gallery has lava rock textures this will be addressed in a future patch ice cliff gallery pieces when selected with phone are way up in the air which makes placement difficult were working on a solution for a future patch ice cliff gallery pieces have jump collision issues bug fixes, the fortnite 601 patch notes update is now available to read get the lowdown on what the new fortnite update does which include the fortnite 182 patch notes for ps4, epic games announced the release of the version 820 patch for fortnite battle royale on wednesday morning highlighted by the new poison dart trap and a couple new playlists the new trap fires

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patch notes for fortnite v901 tactical assault rifle drum gun nerf and more epic games have released the patch notes for fortnite v901 which is scheduled to release today following downtime scheduled for 4am et8am utc, fortnite patch notes epic games has released a new patch for fortnite on april 12 the patch fixes several bugs and glitches that have cropped

read full fortnite update 182 patch notes for ps4 xbox one android and ios according to the official fortnite 182 patch notes the new update resolves various issues with the game apart from this fortnite update 182 also includes stability and performance improvements, fortnite patch notes 820 and 8201 updates changes to floor is lava mode and everything new watch out for traps in the new update, fortnite update version 182 is live heres what it does patch notes v601 october 3 2018 for the rest of the patch notes you can visit the official website of epic games, were continuing to improve the overall fortnite experience and squash a few nasty bugs with this patch performance is improved for all players and is constantly on our mind check out our recent dev blog for more details 20 million players edit edit source

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