Fortnite Patch Notes May 15

fortnite patch notes may 15 fortnite patch notes epic games has released a new patch for fortnite on april 12 the patch fixes several bugs and glitches that have cropped, patch notes for fortnite v901 tactical assault rifle drum gun nerf and more epic games have released the patch notes for fortnite v901 which is scheduled to release today following downtime scheduled for 4am et8am utc, fortnite patch notes 820 and 8201 updates changes to floor is lava mode and everything new watch out for traps in the new update, epic games have just released the patch notes for fortnite v730 featuring the new chiller grenade mobile controller support and more heres everything you need to know about todays update whats new chiller grenade warning may cause cold toes chill your enemies to the core with this new

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fortnite has a new clientside update rolling out across all platforms labeled version 214 on ps4 the small patch aims to address recent framerate drops and crashes associated with the newly , fortnite battle royales v740 patch is now live its the last big patch of season 7 and marks the final stages of this season before whatever cataclysmic event ushers in season 8 the new patch

what is fortnite theres been a lot of hype surrounding fortnite since its release in july 2017 but what exactly is it fortnite is a battle royale game which sees you thrown onto an island with , avengers endgame fortnite crossover event now live full patch notes listed fortnite x avengers is here letting you play again as thanos or wield some of the avengers weapons, fortnite update 8401 has just released as version 216 on ps4 the clientside update fixes bugs with arena mode uncontrollable beards and throwables the full patch notes arrive courtesy of an , performance resolved a performance regression occurring on pcs with less than quadcore cpus for players with quadcore cpus and above still experiencing performance issues on pc you may see improvement by manually adding norhithread to the epic games launcher settings for fortnite

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