Harris County Tx Criminal Records

harris county tx criminal records

Michael Landry Mugshot Michael Landry Arrest Harris

as county clerk it is my goal to provide the citizens of harris county with the quality service they most certainly deserve as the county clerk i record and maintain the records of commissioners court the probate courts and the county civil courts at law, criminal records service chapter 55 of the texas code of criminal procedure contains provisions for the expunction of arrest records court records and criminal history record information the statute specifically details the requirements and procedures to properly expunge records in texas, the search function on this website enables immediate and accurate feedback for requested information texas public records searches for records created as far back as 1839 and contains information from 254 counties this is in an effort to ensure a fair and just society for the people of texas and the united states, what data can i search arrests prosecutions and the disposition of the case for persons arrested for class b misdemeanor or greater violation of texas criminal statutes as well as class c convictions or deferred adjudications that are reported to the department the statute identifies many of the actual data elements

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