How To Call An Inmate Back

how to call an inmate back

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i only gets calls when his daughter 3ways so luckily when i miss the phone i just text her telling her to call back he calls like 812 times a week though sometimes 3 times a day so even if i miss a call it doesnt really bother me but i know what that first call is like, the inmate can make calls only to that designated telephone number a debit telephone account enables you to purchase prepaid phone services for the inmate the inmate can then make calls to any telephone numbers that are not restricted by the facility including your telephone number, the bexar county jail has changed inmate calling providers the new company is icsolutions cost per call is different depending on the jail they do not say what the cost is for bexar county but they do say icsolutions will tell you the cost during the setup process or you can call them at their customer service department 8885068407

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