How To Get Felony Record Expunged

how to get felony record expunged

How Can A Person Get Their Mugshot Deleted From The

expungement of a criminal record may be helpful when a person is applying for a job or housing depending on where a person lives they may file a petition with the court for expungement of a minor crime or a felony expungement rules and requirements vary dramatically from state to state, requires a 2 year waiting period and a clean record some adult class d felony records qualify after a 5 year waiting period upon completion of probation or parole misdemeanor convictions can be expunged except for child abuse and sexual offenses la louisiana record expungement most arrest records in acquittals dismissals and set asides, attorneys fees to expunge a felony are usually between 1000 and 2500 and is inclusive of all costs associated with your expunction including court appearances they can also advise you as to alternatives to expunction for example if your felony conviction does not qualify to be expunged you may still be able to obtain some relief by requesting a petition for nondisclosure, these forms are known as a petition for expunction of criminal records your houston lawyer will help with this task as you find out how to get a record expunged in texas how long is the expungement process in texas in general the court will schedule a hearing for you about 30 days after you file your petition for expunction of criminal records

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