How To Look Up Criminal Records In California

how to look up criminal records in california

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to see or copy public records you must have the case number there are three ways to get the case number if the case was filed in 2004 or later use the criminal case index search you can search for a case number using either the defendants name and date of birth or the defendants name plus the month and year the case was filed

a california public records directory shows which agencies provide specific data criminal history reports may be obtained from the california department of justice navigate through california courts state and local departments and request records directly, your california arrest records become a part of your criminal record because this information is shared with other government agencies at the local state and federal level when applying for a job renting a home or even going on a date these are just a few of the many reasons which may prompt someone to do a background check on you, california criminal records search arrest records because of californias large size there are a lot of california criminal records that are created each year within the state we will show you the best ways to search find and view these records by accessing this data directly online

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