How To Remove Felony From Record In Georgia

how to remove felony from record in georgia

Legal Definition Of A Felony Former DA Explains YouTube

however will not erase the record from the gcic report or undo your crime or conviction by taking the following steps you can make sure that only the information that is required by law is on your gcic report step 1 get a copy of your gcic criminal record and check it for accuracy you can get a copy of your gcic from your local, if the application is approved you must send it to gcic with a 2500 money order to restrict the charge from your official georgia criminal history record if the application is denied you have thirty 30 days to appeal by civil action in superior court process for court records

to request an expungement of your state criminal record you must have either been acquited or served the complete term of your sentence then submit a petition to the court setting forth good , in georgia a criminal record can be restrictedthat is sealed expunged or erasedunder the circumstances described below after a record is restricted it can be accessed only by criminal justice officials for law enforcement employment or criminal investigation purposes, how to expunge a misdemeanor in georgia a misdemeanor consists of any crime that is not a felony and can carry a sentence of up to 12 months in jail and as much as 1000 in fees having a misdemeanor on your record can bring unwelcome consequences when applying for work filing an application for a housing rental or in any other type of situation where a background check is required

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