How To Search For Assets

how to search for assets

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how to determine assets in accounting people and companies need resources to put up a business and to keep that business going in accounting these resources are referred to as assets assets are one of the essential components in, how to find someones assets step 1 collect relevant information on the search subject step 2 verify the accuracy of your information step 3 obtain a court order if possible this is especially relevant for childsupport cases step 4 obtain phone records including cellphone records , to search for these assets go to wwwmissingmoneycom which you can also reach by typing wwwunclaimedorg and clicking on the link the national association of unclaimed , assets assets include anything a company owns that has monetary value even if it cant be readily sold they are split into two classes current assets which refers to assets that a company can or will sell within one year and longterm assets which are the assets a company cannot or doesnt plan to sell within a year

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