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inmate code inmate code sometimes called convict code refers to the rules and values that have developed among prisoners inside prisons social systems the inmate code helps define an inmates image as a model prisoner the code helps to emphasize unity of prisoners against correctional workers this code highlights the reasons why rehabilitation is often so difficult to achieve, socialisation literature on the inmate code primarily exploits two competing frames of thought within which to illustrate and translate prisoners adoption of the inmate code akers r hayner n gruninger 1977 the importation and deprivation models gover mackenzie armstrong 2000, even strongarm rapists who sexually assault other inmates are grudgingly admired in prison for their ability to dominate the weak hassine prisoners claim that an inmate code or a set of values and beliefs distinctive to prisons binds this subculture together this code is the unofficial rule book for the informal organization of inmates, factors associated with adoption of the inmate code a study of normative socialization charles wellford the author is currently a doctoral candidate in the department of sociology at the university of pennsylvania specializing in criminology he is also research associate at the institute of corrections american foundation

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001005 corresponding with facility code wkrl housing pod within sedgwick county work release buj butler county jail 114 west central avenue el dorado ks 67042 phone 3163207766 csj chase county jail po box 639 cottonwood falls ks 66845 phone 6202736313, by daniel h harris many claim the title of convict but few live up to the convict code of conduct convicts are not made they are born a breed apart a true convict is incapable of snitching no convict is ever a bully the convicts word is more binding than any contract it is a convicts nature to seek out

sage video bringing teaching learning and research to life sage books the ultimate social sciences digital library sage reference the complete guide for your research journey sage navigator the essential social sciences literature review tool sage business cases real world cases at your fingertips cq press your definitive resource for politics policy and people, for this article i use interview data to examine how former male inmates describe how and why they follow the inmate code previous work shows that convicts use the code to structure and define informal rules bronson 2006 i attempt to explore this issue from the other direction, the inmate code forces them to work outside the formal system to take care of these problems however even by the inmates its best to handle things lowkey instead of letting them kill themselves its like a virus this also means using violence to control others i hated it, the inmate code a set of rules of conduct that reflect the values and norms of the prison social system and helps define for inmates the image of the model prisoner dont interfere with inmate interests dont quarrel with fellow inmates dont exploit inmates dont trust the guards or the things they stand

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