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inmate solution 2018 by tkc holdings llc all rights reserved privacy statement terms of use public relations media, just give your inmate your new ics family connect phone number and keep your account with the facilitys inmate call provider account funded when your inmate dials it your existing phone will ring as usual except now youll pay up to 85 less and without having to change your phone number, give the number to your inmate and contact the phone provider for the facility global tel link ic solutions correctional billing services etc to setup your new number on a prepaid account when your inmate calls your new prison call solutions number your home andor cell phone will ring youll answer it as usual you do not need to

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ic solutions provide the users with cuttingedge inmate telephone services local telephone services restrict users from making inmate calls or receiving inmate call collects prison calls are highly charged by the phone companies, ic solutions 3 for 1 sale buy 1 get 2 months free offer includes unlimited minutes on ic solutions inmate calls sameday 1hour activation optional sale subject to end at any time offer valid for all ic solutions facilities, if you are a texas resident and still have an unresolved complaint regarding the correct solutionss money transmission or currency exchange activity please direct your complaint to texas department of banking 2601 north lamar boulevard austin texas 78705 18772765554 toll free wwwdobtexasgov

every jail facility uses just one inmate call company such as ic solutions with whom they have an exclusive contract everyone wishing to receive inmate calls from a ic solutions facility is required to 1 setup an online account on the ic solutions website 2 enter the number on which you wish to receive your inmates calls 3, ic solutions ic solutions is an inmate telephone service provider at the facility to keep in touch with your friend or family members ic solutions offers solutions for inmate management from booking to release a number of different options for creating an account purchasing phone services leaving voice messages and chatting in real time via, highly configurable inmate callprocessing and recording technology gtls featurerich inmate telephone system its is a turnkey solution that comes complete with all hardware and software including the telephone network circuits monitoring and recording system callcontrol system secure database telephones workstations printers and associated software

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