Isaac Kappy Youtube Channel

isaac kappy youtube channel

TILA TEQUILA Answers My Question About ISAAC KAPPY

boss goes through a text exchange with isaac kappy after kappy accuses him of being a mossad shill its not the first time that this claim has been made by people boss refers to kappy as a junkie claims to talk to fiona barnett for hours on the phone and that she is as legitimate as it gets, another recommended youtube channel to be subscribed to in this video we hear about isaac kappys suicide and durhams investigation into the origins of the russia collusion hoax we can see that the deep state is running scared guest posting, jewish actor isaac kappy and nathan stolpman aka lift the veil isaac kappy is getting enormous traffic on the internet why he is outing pedophiles the youtube channel lift the veil is promoting his claims kappys problem is he has 0 evidence and is basically claiming everyone is a pedophile, oh wait theres more what is a dead man switch im sure youve heard of the term aka kill switch they add this technology to things like atvs jet skis and large machinerythe global satanic elite often set a dead man switch to be a last ditch effort to succeed with their agenda it appears isaac kappy may had one of these

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