Jobs You Can Get With A Felony On Your Record

jobs you can get with a felony on your record the highestpaying jobs for felons often require some kind of postsecondary training you can also learn about companies that hire felons getting a government job with a felony secondchance programs for exconvicts colleges that accept felons tips for getting hired as a felon finding good jobs with a criminal record, however if you are one of the people trying to find jobs for felons do not despair there are career paths you can take to ensure that there is room for you in the workplace after all so what jobs can you look for if you want to fight for your second chance read on to find out best jobs you can get with a felony record, making the adjustment from being in prison to living on the outside as a convicted felon can be very challenging many felons have a hard time finding housing and employers that are willing to provide jobs for felons our organization help for felons specializes in providing information about felon friendly jobs and much more, but the good newsthere are high paying jobs for felons out there and with a ton of persistence motivation and a lot of research and applications we believe you can absolutely find one relatively quickly below you will find a list of high paying jobs for felons

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the jailbased competency treatment program jbct is designed to provide treatment to patients who are accused of a felony and lack the mental competency to, job searching is stressful enough without wondering whether your past is going to interfere with your ability to get hired especially if you have a criminal record but it shouldnt discourage you from seeking gainful employment this is what you should know when youre job hunting with a criminal past

government youll have a tough time getting a government gig with a felony on your record and that includes working for a federal agency or even getting into elected office government jobs usually include a tough screening process if a felony or other serious crime pops up as your application is being screened, thanks for checking out our list of jobs for felons felon friendly employment also please note that just because a company is listed here does not mean you have a 100 chance of landing the job its not a list of jobs for felons youll definitely get there is a book called grit how to get a job and build a career with a criminal record, how to get a job with a felony if you have been convicted of a felony finding a job can be a very tiresome and demoralizing process in my opinion our society makes it especially hard for felons and those with a criminal record to get back on track, although these types of jobs might pay less than other jobs that require more skill fastfood or cleaning jobs can give felons a starting place for future employment for example if a felon can show a pattern of steady dependable consistent employment for a certain period of time then he or she may be able to move on to a higherpaying or more skilled job

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