Jobs You Can Get With A Felony On Your Record

jobs you can get with a felony on your record

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to get a job with a criminal record read job applications carefully and be honest about your history work with nonprofit agencies that place individuals with criminal records with jobs or apply with temporary work agencies talk with a lawyer about your rights if you think youre being discriminated against, there are probably many jobs you can get with a criminal record if you have enough knowledge to develop a good plan of action so dont give up on your dreams the following suggestions are aimed at helping you achieve a more stable future

temp agencies alternative job sources those with a felony tend to have a better chance of getting entry level jobs because they require little to no experience and often times are a great place to start working again the one issue with this website is youll need to research if the companies will hire felons, thanks for checking out our list of jobs for felons felon friendly employment also please note that just because a company is listed here does not mean you have a 100 chance of landing the job its not a list of jobs for felons youll definitely get there is a book called grit how to get a job and build a career with a criminal record, depending on the state and type of crime you may have the right to get your felony removed from your records in a legal manner do some research find a lawyer and discuss with him or her how you can get the felony deleted from your records, but the good newsthere are high paying jobs for felons out there and with a ton of persistence motivation and a lot of research and applications we believe you can absolutely find one relatively quickly below you will find a list of high paying jobs for felons

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