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clerks at the municipal district superior and appellate courts across the state enter information on the cases filed in their courts the search engine will update approximately twentyfour hours from the time the clerks enter the information this website is maintained by the administrative office of the court for the state of washington, sealing juvenile court records in washington state printable packet authored by teamchild in washington juvenile court records do not automatically disappear when you turn 18 in fact almost all of your juvenile records remain open for the public to view unless you ask a court to seal them

how to expunge a criminal record in washington state in the case of a felony expungement the person who successfully seals his or her records regains the right to vote and the right to own firearms the expungement procedure varies depending on whether the criminal record was a juvenile or adult conviction, there are many opportunities to improve the system of juvenile justice records experts to assess the state of play on juvenile criminal justice for juvenile justice at washington , 1 this section and rcw 1350260 and 1350270 govern records relating to the commission of juvenile offenses including records relating to diversions 2 the official juvenile court file of any alleged or proven juvenile offender shall be open to public inspection unless sealed pursuant to rcw 1350260 , criminal history record information chri is retained in the washington state identification system wasis until an individual reaches 99 years of age records that have met the retention are returned to the contributing agency if the record contains multiple dates of birth