Kinect Sports Rivals Updated New Dlc Includes Banjo

kinect sports rivals updated new dlc includes banjo

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three additional challenges for kinect sports rivals introducing banjokazooie nuts boltsinspired car company mumbo with an offer to sponsor your champion use your shiny new mumbowl ball and complete these three events to earn a huge amount of bonus coins and an exclusive mumbo bowling outfit, your champion has caught the eye of a potential sponsor complete challenges to impress them and win exclusive outfits download the packs from the marketplace now, yay for sports theres a ton of new dlc coming to kinect sports rivals in the form of sponsored challenge packs the new packs will be based off some very popular and beloved game franchises

kinect sports rivals updated new dlc includes banjo kazooie perfect dark and viva pinata content kinect sports rivals has been updated and received a slew of new dlc including characters and , back when the kinect 20 was announced as part of the new xbox one console it was inevitable that a motionbased sports title would at some time be available, the development team at rare and publisher microsoft are announcing that the recently launched kinect sports rivals has just received its first big content expansion on the xbox one allowing gamers to get access to new challenges via sponsor packs and to enhance the look of their own character