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lorraine warren

Tony Spera 826 Paranormal James Myers And Lorraine Warre

this case was the basis for the hit 2013 film the conjuring though the annabelle doll was related to a separate casewhile certain events depicted in the film were exaggerated for the purposes of spectacle lorraine warren and one of the daughters andrea perron both insist it was mostly accurate to reallife events problem is outside sources insist otherwise and have a fair amount of , lorraine warren was one of the worlds foremost paranormal investigators she and her husband ed warren who died in 2006 founded the new england society for psychic research in 1952, the warrens occult museum the occult museum is closed due to zoning regulations we are seeking a new location for the museum the warrens occult museum is the oldest and only museum of its kind this worldrenowned museum has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world, back in 2013 the james wandirected the conjuring introduced us to the warren family in a film based on true events warner brosnew line cinema wants to remind audiences that the annabelle doll

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