Naci Background Check

naci background check

January 18 2017 DPSAC News

the national agency check with inquiries naci is required for consideration for all federal employment jobs and certain contracted jobs through the federal government the naci itself is not a security clearance it is a background check and investigation that may open the way for clearances after filing the appropriate paperwork and providing fingerprints, suitability reviews and background checks do not begin until a candidate has been given a provisional offer and accepted and then they can be quite slow a naci check can take at least two to three months the bulk of secret or top secret security clearances can take from two to six months with some taking over a year

the naci national agency check with written inquiries credit background check is the lowest level of investigation that meets the requirements of executive order 10450 and dod 52002r dod personnel security program the naci background check is conducted by the office of personnel management opm investigations services, a national agency check with inquiries naci is a background investigation primarily for government employees who will not have access to classified information this investigation is appropriate for positions designated as public trust positions that require responsible and trustworthy employees but with no national security impact