Ned Umber

ned umber ned umber is the son of smalljon umber and grandson of greatjon umber he seems to be named after eddard stark who was also known as ned stark after the death of his father at the battle of the bastards ned becomes the new lord of house umber and their castle despite being only ten years old, ned umber was the 10yearold lord of the last hearth ned was likely named for lord eddard stark by his father jon umber known as littlejon in contrast to his own father greatjon , ned umber was captured by the white walkers and his brutal death served as a warning from the night king his dead body and limbs of some of his men create a spiral symbol, ned umber is the young son of smalljon umber and currently the head of house umber his dad smalljon died in the battle of the bastards after betraying the starks and fighting with house bolton

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jon then invites the surviving umber and karstark heirs ned and alys to pledge their loyalty to the starks which they do jon reminds everyone that the wars of the past are in the past, house umber of the last hearth is a noble house from the last hearth in the north lord jon umber called the greatjon is sworn to house stark of winterfell the umber sigil is a roaring giant brownhaired and wearing a skin with broken silver chains on flamered2

the castle has been ransacked but there isnt a single body beyond ned umber rather than add him to the horde of the undead the night king left him there wreathed in spare body parts as a , ned umber alys karstark and ned umber swear fealty to jon snow hbo jon snow against the advice of sansa determines that last hearth will remain in the umber family and does not blame smalljon , game of thrones season 7 episode 1 game of thrones 7x01 alys karstark and ned umber pledge fealty to house stark, harry grasby as ned umber in game of thrones season 7 july 17 2017 july 17 2017 image jeremy potts chitty chitty bang bang july 17 2017 july 17 2017 harry the face of opera north

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