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nm criminal records use of this site for any purpose other than viewing individual electronic court records or attempts to download multiple records per transaction are strictly prohibited data use is subject to nmsa 1978 sec 143151, the new mexico supreme court is the states highest court and final court of review court of last resort in addition to reviewing decisions of lower courts the supreme court as the head of the judicial branch of government has general administrative and supervisory authority over all state courts and attorney regulation, access new mexicos free public records and look up for divorces lawsuits criminal records assets and real estate searches view bankruptcies filings bank foreclosures and other important district for family law matters marriage federal cases juvenile civil and contact numbers for further assistance, criminal records contain a range of information relating to an individuals criminal history they can include records on city county state or federal criminal violations and convictions criminal records often include both court and police records including search warrants arrest warrants criminal charges and trial transcripts

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the new mexico state central repository for criminal history maintains arrest record information on persons arrested in new mexico for felony misdemeanor offenses punishable by six months or more imprisonment and dwi offenses, the nm dps is committed to providing the highest quality of public safety services for the state of new mexico and its law enforcement community we will constantly evaluate and develop our efforts to become a national model in providing ethical innovative effective efficient and customeroriented public safety services to the citizens and

new mexico criminal and arrest records we have free crime statistics for new mexico as well as the 29 counties within it the population was 1739395 and there were 13681 violent crimes committed in the same year there was also 77094 major property crimes committed, the most common crime committed in new mexico is property crimes at a rate of 07 per 1000 people larceny theft is the second most likely offense committed at a rate of 0561000 followed by dui top ten crimes in new mexico, there are 33 counties in new mexico albuquerque is the largest city while santa fe is the capital the department of public safety maintains a database of criminal history records missing persons data and allows public record requests find new mexico public records from government websites containing official documents maintained by the state, the new mexico state records website provides every new mexico resident with the tools needed to access public records in a simple and straightforward manner this helps to ensure new mexicans are able to use their right to access and obtain public records in accordance with the new mexico inspection of public records act

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