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ny divorce records free about divorce records in new york new york divorce records are managed by the vital records section of new york department of health for most of the state from 1881 to present certified death records are available to the spouse parent or child of the deceased as well as those with a documented legal right documented medical need or a court , new york divorce records are considered public records this means anyone can perform a search for a divorce record in the state of new york to view andor obtain the records in a legal capacity these records are commonly requested by the divorced party who needs a copy of their own divorce record for name change purposes or even an application for a new marriage license to someone else, divorce records ny public records edit the new york department of health maintains copies of divorce certificates for events that occurred within the state of new york you may obtain a birth record if you are either 1 the spouse of the individual listed on the record or 2 you have a court order from a new york state court to obtain the

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free public divorce records falls under state jurisdiction so it is a good idea to search through all states just enter california divorce records at the appropriate field and you will be presented with range of records to zoom in, order divorce records online some thirdparty agencies work to obtain vital records such as divorce records for you however before you order a copy from a thirdparty company make sure your state allows that agency to both access the records and provide certified copies of them

there are two types of divorce records in the state of new york the first is the divorce decree which was the method of documenting marriages before january 1 1963 these decrees were signed by a judge and filed with the county clerk of the county where the decrees were issued for information about obtaining a copy of a divorce decree , divorce records in new york divorce records are held in the state where the divorce petition was filed and became finalized typically the local county courthouse maintains the divorce records and certified copies may be obtained with a written request and small fee certain states also have a state repository for divorce records and these , new york divorce records new york divorce records are kept in the vital records office in new york andor the county where the couple filed for divorce you can request one of two types of documents an original divorce decree or a divorce certificate

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