Search Arrest Warrant

search arrest warrant

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you should verify that a warrant is active with your local law enforcement agency or with the reporting agency wanted persons may use false identification which could cause the warrant to contain a name date of birth or other information not belonging to the subject of the warrant, performing a free arrest warrant search from a sheriff websites is easy simply navigate to the county sheriff department that you are wanted to search to do this google the county sheriff department this will bring up the county sheriff department website most websites will have a section dedicated to warrants find this on the websites and proceed to either search by a name or there will be a list of open warrants for people within that area, search warrants again upon agreeing to probable cause a judge will issue a search warrant sometimes called a search and seizure warrant authorizing a law enforcement officer to search a specific person andor his or her premises for property that could be related to a crime such property can be very wideranging to include cell phones computers weapons

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