Securus Inmate Calling Phone Number

securus inmate calling phone number

Special Connect Cheap Inmate Jail Call Service SecurTel

securus technologies aim at providing flexible inmate calling service with local phones not supporting inmate calls and prison calls being extremely higher the inmates families are forced to pay high phone charges to continue speaking to their loved incarcerated loved ones, we turn on a facility based specialized local phone number that rings to your number you already have instead of paying securus tech for long distance charges you will only pay securus tech for local charges you will have to give this new specialized local phone number to the inmate and setup an account with securus tech the prison phone

summary since 1986 securus has been a leading provider of communications solutions for the correction facilities in particular the company installs and centrally manages modern call management and communications solutions employed by correctional establishments and offer a variety of comfortable payment products and services to inmates as well as their friends and families, prepaid inmate calling cards securus offers various prepaid inmate calling cards in a number of different denominations allowing inmates make calls directly from the correctional facility advanceconnect prepaid account the advanceconnect prepaid account has the following features, give your personal securus unlimited phone number to your inmate when your they dial your securus unlimited number their calls will be automatically routed to your current mobile or home phone you change nothing thats it they will get to hear your voice more often and you save up to 85, give the number to your inmate and contact securus to complete the setup with your new number on a prepaid account when your inmate calls your new prison call solutions number your home andor cell phone will ring youll answer it as usual you do not need to change your existing number

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