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sprint fraud department if you have been contacted by a collection agency regarding an outstanding debt with sprint or have otherwise been made aware of a sprint account in your name and you have never had sprint service sprint requires you to complete an identity theft packet fraud packet and send it to our office so that we can properly investigate your case, sprint fraud management oca dispute ksophe02022c516 6360 sprint parkway overland park ks 66251 please provide all requested information within 30 days of receipt of this packet in order for the dispute to be processed sprint will then process your fraud claim and notify you in writing regarding the final status of the investigation sincerely, sprint 1 you can contact the sprint fraud department directly at 8887880788 2 you can complete all questions on the affidavit and mail to sprint directly fraud address sprint fraud management attn oca dispute 6360 sprint parkway overland park ks 66251 mailstop ksophe02022d408 this is an attempt to collect a debt, my wife contacted the sprint fraud department immediately the rep she spoke with informed her that they had sent us a fraud packet in february of 2006 and we had never turned it in my wife explained that not only had we returned it we had spoken with them afterwards the sprint rep called my wife a liar my wife asked to speak to a supervisor, i was wrongly charged for some services that i did not order from sprint i contacted sprints fraud management filled out the paperwork as instructed and mailed them in its been three months and i have not heard anything from that department i have not been able to contact them to find out the status of my complaint, sprint on the other hand is unreachable their fraud number plays 2 recorded messages real humans cant check for fraud im supposed to wait for a bill or contact from a collection agency which may never happen if a fake address was used meanwhile their fraudulent inquiry is still on my credit report a stain that doesnt belong there, sprint fraud management oca dispute ksophe02022c516 6360 sprint parkway overland park ks 66251 please provide all requested information within 30 days of receipt of this packet in order for the dispute to be processed sprint will then process your fraud claim and notify you in writing regarding the final status of the investigation sincerely, reach sprint without going through automated menus and 88 other useful numbers fraud department 8887880788 law department 6200 sprint pkwy eisenhower a, ksophm0216subpoena compliance 6480 sprint parkway overland park ks 66251 and fraud management sprint spectrum cannot guarantee an account will remain active, fraud the association of certified fraud examiners defines fraud as a knowing misrepresentation of the truth or concealment fraud can encompass any crime that uses deception as its principal mode of operation phishing use of email to socially engineer a victim

Do Verizon And Sprint Make It Too Easy For ID Thieves

i got a call from the sprint fraud dept and they told me that the 299 apple device exchange charge was made at a store last week while i did visit a store i never recall any exchange being made all i asked for was to see if my 200 was being returned since i never got a credit back for returning my leased device back to sprint, while verizons fraud department backed out the cost of the phones they left it up to me to report the loss to the local police please make the following rule changes 1 carrierseller should bear the cost of any fraud 2 such cases should be reported to the ftc and state police, santa clara ca a consumer fraud class action lawsuit has been filed against sprint alleging it deceives customers regarding savings in its cutyourcellphonebillinhalf promotion and fails to deliver as advertised, sprintnextel 6480 sprint parkway overland park ks 66251 800 8777330 816 6003111 virgin mobile prepaid service sprint boost mobile prepaid service nextel after regular business hours call sprint subpoena compliance immediate response team at 855 5607690 tmobile subpoena compliance department 4 sylvan way parsippany nj 07054, with so many kinds of scams and fraud its hard to figure out where to report each type first file a report with your local police department you may also contact your state consumer protection office you can also report certain types of scams and fraud to federal enforcement agencies, by submitting this form you agree that sprint or a sprint authorized business dealer may contact you about your request and that sprint may also send you additional information about business solutions and other service and product promotions to or based on the email address provided, received a potential fraud alert through one of my two id watch programs about an att account that was opened in my name immediately put fraud alerts on all the credit bureaus and contacted att fraud department they responded about two weeks later and took my information, verizon is committed to keeping your information and account private and secure however communications fraud is an industrywide problem that is affecting many more customers be wary of suspicious calls phishing schemes and phone companies changing your carrier without your permission protecting your privacy and security, sprint wireless 8006396111 ks i just got charged over 800 dollars 3 different charges over a 6 day period on a ba credit card that i have not used in over 18 months

if you suspect you are a victim immediately contact atts global fraud management organization at 8008218235 prompt 1 residential customers residential customers can also be victims of equipment fraud contact atts global fraud management organization at 8002867071 if you suspect fraud on your residential equipment, does anyone have a telephone for sprints fraud dept i have submitted all paperwork for a fraud complaint and nothing after 2 weeks i have called the 888 788 0788 on their statement of dispute but none of the options gets me to a person, preventing fraud is a priority thats why suntrust goes to great lengths to keep you protected and informed we strive to ensure quality safety and the integrity of your personal accounts, alright im done ive had a problem with fraud on my account since the beginning of october ive waited and waited and waited some more i got fed up and wrote on facebook middecember and sprint said oh noes give us your information and well get right on that and then then they said no worries well have that fixed by 12312016, file a complaint with sprint customer service department best contact info for sprint corporate headquarters with 1800 phone number email and office address sprint customer service complaints department , i am trying to contact the sprint fraud department i have been cutoff by four different customer service agents when trying to transfer me to fraud area my local police needs a fraud department phone number does one exist, connectivity helps bring families and friends more closely together children to get a better education and businesses to be more productive at sprint we help our customers make these connections allowing them to do more strive for more and enjoy life to the fullest, scammers may call your landline digital phone or smartphone or they may send you a text message learn about phone or text scams and security tips including how to report each type of fraud or scam known scams by phone call or text, sprint corporation complaints and reviews contact information phone number 1 888 211 4727 horrible service and customer servessales that practice fraud and , if youre having trouble with sprint you may be calling customer service youre likely to end up interacting with a robot if you want you can be patient and wait until it finally directs you to a human customer service representative

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