State Department Photo Editing Tool

state department photo editing tool

Dr Ilja Sonnenstein

united states department of state photo editing tool opens a new window this tool is designed to work on a windows operating system your photo and all documents should be uploaded to your computer prior to starting this online application, the photo tool is not related to the internal software that is used by the us department of state to validate us passport and visa photos it does not share code with that internal software thus failing or passing in the photo tool does not mean your photo is either correct or incorrect, the following photos are examples of a good passport photo the us state department reserves the right to change their photo criteria at any time this help file may be out of date at any time the us state department is very picky and may reject your photos and your request for passport or renewal, so i was creating the passport photo for my kids and wanted to validate the passport picture i had with the travelstategov sites passport photo tool it seemed to be a good way to check if

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