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stateville prison inmate search il doc stateville correctional center there is no privacy in prison inmates dress shower and use the bathroom in the company of other inmates inmates are required to make their bunks and keep their personal possessions neat all inmates wear identical clothing and must carry their identification card with them at all times, inmate search wanted fugitives illinois sex offender information parolee sex registrant search community notification of inmate early release facilities visitation all facilities adult transition centers boot camps correctional facilities life skills reentry centers multisecurity multidisciplinary treatment reception , the prison contains illinoiss only gas chamber and death row for male inmates there are a variety of jobs programs and inpatientoutpatient mental health services stateville correctional center also contracts a local organization to offer family liaison services helping families and inmates find healthy ways to reintegrate the inmate back into daily life after release

Illinois Department Of Corrections Stateville Prison

stateville correctional centers mission is to encourage and promote a climate of safe and secure conditions in which offenders and staff can develop positive attitudes and encourage work and program opportunities and experiences that guide offenders toward reintegration into the community, idoc inmate search lookup an inmate in illinois state prisons enter the name idoc number birthdate of the inmate into the form below and submit to search if you have difficulty you can call the department of corrections at 2175582200 to locate the inmate if you want to visit an inmate at an illinois correctional facility read this first

if neither of these options work for you you can try the official prisons locator through the il doc stateville correctional center inmate search once you find your inmate you can utilize one of the many services inmateaid offers to connect with them inmateaid offers postcards and greeting cards for only 099 discount phone lines , stateville correctional center it is a maximum security prison that presides over the northern reception and classification center and stateville minimum security unit currently this facility can house up to 4105 adult male offenders the prison is surrounded by 33 foot walls and several armed guard towers to ensure the detainees do not attempt to escape, here is jail inmate information for the stateville correctional center stateville correctional center is located at 16830 so broadway st po box 112 joliet il 60434 in illinois and has the capacity of 2980 beds if you need information on bonds visitation inmate calling mail inmate accounts commissary or anything else