Supreme Court Abortion Case Seen As A Turning Point For

supreme court abortion case seen as a turning point for

Eyes On Kennedy Women Tell Supreme Court Why Abortion Was

in the united states the history of abortion goes back much farther than the 1973 supreme court case roe v wade which made abortion legal and marked an important turning point in public health policy, 1973 decision the supreme court ruled that women had a constitutional right to abortion and that this right was based on an implied right to personal privacy emanating from the ninth and fourteenth amendments in roe v wade the court said that a fetus is not a person but potential life and thus does not have constitutional rights of its own, roe v wade 410 us 113 1973 was a landmark decision of the us supreme court in which the court ruled that the us constitution protects a pregnant womans liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction it struck down many us state and federal abortion laws and prompted an ongoing national debate in the united states about whether and to what extent

texas abortion law tested by supreme court at issue is whether a texas law wednesday could mark a potential turning point for the supreme court on the subject of abortion we have seen how , supreme court hears arguments on texas abortionclinics case more than 40 people set up camp outside the supreme court the day before it heard a case about texass abortion clinic regulations they waited in line through the pouring rain for a chance to sit in the courtroom jenny starrsthe washington post, restrictions on access to abortion have been building for decades since the supreme court ruled in 1973 that abortion is a constitutional right but these direct assaults on abortion represent a turning point brigitte amiri the deputy director of the aclus reproductive freedom project has litigated several major abortion rights cases

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