The Tipped Minimum Wage Is Fueling Sexual Harassment In

the tipped minimum wage is fueling sexual harassment in

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to put this result in context the eeoc data suggest a state like new york that raised its tipped wage by 5anhour could expect the share of sexual harassment charges from restaurants to increase by 35percentage points there are few if any strong arguments for eliminating the tip credit, currently the minimum wage in dc is 1250 an hour set to raise to 15 by 2020 but servers bartenders and other tipped employees earn 333 an hour then make up the majority of their pay from customers gratuities employers are legally required to pay the difference if the tips dont reach minimum wage, restaurant sexual harassment higher in tipped minimum wage states posted in sexual harassmentsexual harassment by industry on october 10 2014 it has long been observed and studies have confirmed that women who work in restaurant jobs are at high risk for being sexually harassed

massachusetts has one of the largest gaps among all states between the standard minimum wage currently 12 per hour and the 435 wage that tipped employees must be paid that trend will persist , they are upset that in 43 states tipped workers can be paid a lower minimum wage than other workers the logic behind the lower minimum is that the tips make up the difference, indiana is one of 17 states where the minimum cash wage for restaurant workers is 213 per hour the same as that required under the federal fair labor standards act the federal law that governs