Tulsi Gabbard Assad


tulsi gabbard assad tulsi gabbard the hawaii congresswoman who backed bernie sanders in 2016 and met with presidentelect donald trump and then with syrian president bashar alassad in 2017 is officially running , rep tulsi gabbard dhawaii speaks at the democratic national convention in philadelphia on july 26 2016 the bashar alassad regime in syria has had a quiet but wellfunded lobbying effort in washington since well before he began murdering his own people, hawaii democratic rep tulsi gabbard said syrian president bashar alassad is not the enemy of the united states standing by her opposition to us involvement in that countrys civil war two years , tulsi gabbard reveals she met assad in syria without informing top democrats gabbard was also a vocal critic of the obama administration which repeatedly called for assad to step down for arming syrian rebel groups in november gabbard met with then presidentelect donald trump to discuss foreign policy

Rep Tulsi Gabbard Says She Met With Assad On Her Secret

tulsi gabbard is a member of the hawaii army national guard use of her military rank job titles and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the hawaii army national guard the department of the army or the department of defense, for some progressive democrats tulsi gabbard is an exciting leaderinthemaking the hawaii congresswoman vocally supported sen bernie sanderss presidential campaign last february she resigned from her post as vice chair of the democratic national committee a canny political move given progressives emerging problems with the dnc at the time

democratic hawaii sen and presidential candidate tulsi gabbard avoided calling syrian leader bashar alassad a war criminal when she was asked directly by fox news bret baier during an interview on wednesday night, tulsi gabbard an iraq war veteran fourterm congresswoman and rising star in the democratic party is one name on a long list of hopeful democrats who seek to unseat president donald trump , congresswoman gabbard paid a visit to bashar alassad against a us state department advisory yes that assad the butcher of syria the one responsible for countless deaths and murders untold numbers of tortured multiple gassings of his own people that assad was tulsi gabbards lunch liaison, presidential candidate rep tulsi gabbard dhawaii declined sunday to say whether syrian president bashar assad is a war criminal and did not answer whether she would trust her own intelligence

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