Tulsi Gabbard Assad


tulsi gabbard assad

Member Of Congress Tulsi Gabbard Visits Syria To Discover

for some progressive democrats tulsi gabbard is an exciting leaderinthemaking the hawaii congresswoman vocally supported sen bernie sanderss presidential campaign last february she resigned from her post as vice chair of the democratic national committee a canny political move given progressives emerging problems with the dnc at the time, tulsi gabbard elizabeth warren corey booker julian castro mayor de blasio beto orourke face off on the first democratic primaries debate of 2019 in miami demdebate democrats show less

as part of tulsis trip to syria she had an unplanned meeting with assad in addition to dozens of religious leaders citizens activists including assads political opponents and others those who criticize her meeting fail to understand that leaders must willing to meet with our adversaries to further the cause of peace, when rep tulsi gabbard dhawaii was pushed wednesday about whether she thinks bashar assad is an enemy of the united states she said the syrian dictator is not on msnbcs morning joe she was asked outright if assad is a foe of america assad is not the enemy of the united states , rep tulsi gabbard says theres no disputing the fact that bashar alassad is a brutal dictator who has used chemical weapons against his people but adds that amid the uss regimechange , congresswoman tulsi gabbard just returned from a secret trip to syria and told jake tapper in a cnn exclusive said any reconciliation would have to involve syrian president bashar al assad

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