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tulsi gabbard policies tulsi gabbard on the issues tulsi gabbard is a member of the hawaii army national guard use of her military rank job titles and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the hawaii army national guard the department of the army or the department of defense, click here for background on education no issue stance yet recorded by tulsi gabbard on energy oil click here for 2 full quotes on energy oil or background on energy oil tax incentives for wind solar biomass and wave energy supports regulating greenhouse gas emissions, in september rep tulsi gabbard d hawaii gave a speech to rememberat least according to a russian propaganda outlet, rep tulsi gabbard its the expertise and the experience that i bring to this job the most important job that a president has is to serve as commander in chief to keep the american people and

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glenn greenwald interviews rep tulsi gabbard about foreign policy and 2020 campaign posted by tim hains on date may 9 2019 via the intercept ever since tulsi gabbard was first elected to , tulsi gabbard she denounces aspects of american government policy in wars like those in iraq libya and syria and opposes removal of bashar alassad from power arguing that the countrys civil war is a source of the syrian refugee crisis

tulsi gabbards foreign policy frustrates centrist democrats draws cheers from antiinterventionists and makes her political identity tough to pigeonhole john haltiwanger feb 13 2019 856 am, rep tulsi gabbard who has made foreign policy a central part of her campaign said president donald trump is setting the stage for a war in iran he is leading us down this dangerous path , representative tulsi gabbard speaks at the democratic national convention in philadelphia pa july 26 2016 mike segarreuters perpetual war requires perpetual peace candidates whats so , on january 11 tulsi gabbard a fourterm democratic representative from hawaii announced she was running for president in 2020

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